Why Beez Pleez?

Team Beez Pleez

Our Why

Simply put, we NEED your help to increase the threatened honey bee population. Globally, colonies have been diminishing at unforeseen rates. Honey bees, not to be confused with wasps or hornets, are vital for human survival. They are the biggest pollinator, which is responsible for approximately 1/3 of the food we eat (NRDC).  A single bee colony alone can pollinate upwards of 300,000,000 flowers a DAY!


“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

-Albert Einstein 

Humans seriously need bees for survival. Without bees pollination would decrease, plants would suffer, animals would die, and human life would drastically be affected. The GOOD NEWS is we have the power to make a difference if we act soon! The Beez Pleez team is serious, and passionate, about creating a lasting change, and that is why we need your help. With every product, the proceeds allow us to cover the costs and necessities for our honey bee farms to expand. 1 Candle = 20 Additional Bees!


“We created Beez Pleez in order to generate a demand for honey bees. What other company offers a creative way to contribute these beautiful creatures to the planet? Why can’t we operate a business we are proud of, meanwhile improving the global bee population?”   
 -Brayden H, Co-founder of Beez Pleez 

At Beez Pleez, we have conducted the research necessary to confirm our fear: the bee decline is in fact real in 2017, and, the consequences associated with further bee decline have a lasting negative impact on humans and the planet. This scary truth resulted in the gathering of 3 opportunistic, educated individuals to establish Beez Pleez- our solution to preventing & reversing the harmful outcomes due to the current bee crisis.  With your help, we will not only be able to provide jobs for beekeepers all over the world, but also restore the endangered honey bee populations. So here is your chance to help a legitimate cause, that will have a lasting positive impact: Buy Beez Pleez today.


“This isn’t all about business. We have personally donated 50,000 bees each. This is a life long mission for us, and we would love for you to join the movement.”              
-Kolby KCo-founder of Beez Pleez