20 Honey bees for every product

What's the BUZZ?

At Beez Pleez, we love the environment and firmly believe in sustainability. This means all of our practices are aligned with a conscious set of values. And we want you to be a part of our cause. For each Beez Pleez product, the proceeds will be used for funding an additional 20 honey bees. These new bees are raised and nurtured by a family operated bee farm, approved by Beez Pleez.

For every product, Beez Pleez uses the funds to increase the threatened honey bee population. Bees play a vital role in the ecosystem, and are responsible for approximately 70% of crop & agriculture pollination- almost $200 billion dollars annually so it is obvious why we need them for our survival!

Why support Beez Pleez?

Because only together can we effectively eliminate the global bee crisis. It can not be done alone.

We have spent time observing and performing research, to discover the following: The bee decline is really happening in 2017, and, a permanent bee decline has lasting negative consequences.   

This realization confirmed to us that something had to be done... and soon! The birth of Beez Pleez was our solution.  


20 bees contributed for every product!

A healthy honey bee hive can consist of as many as 60,000 bees! To nurture these bee's, we must hire experienced beekeepers. We must also purchase supplies for maintaining a well-function bee farm, that provides the best environment possible for our bees, which includes plenty of natural wildflowers in the proximal ecosystem. 

For each product purchased, we use the proceeds to assist us in installing new hives, obtaining additional bees to grow, and all other costs associated with the increasing the global honey bee population by 20. 


Over 200,000 Honey Bees Contributed To Date!

In 2017 alone, Beez Pleez has funded an additional 200,000 honey bees as a part of our 1 million bee project where we aim to raise 1,000,000 new bees before 2018. 

When you purchase a Beez Pleez product, you not only guarantee that you receive a natural product, but you also guarantee that the proceeds are spent consciously. Our promise is to restore the honey bee population, and to do so we need your help. One candle = 20 honey bees!