Our Partnered Beekeepers

Beez Pleez is proud to announce our company's mission, aimed to increase the global honey bee population and eliminate the bee decline. For each product sold, the necessities for 20 new honey bees are funded towards expanding eco-friendly, non-commercial apiaries!

Beez Pleez Partnered Beekeepers:

1) Murray Willis- Kamloops, BC, Canada

Murray Is Beez Pleez's first partnered beekeeper and is local to the Okanagan region in British Columbia.  He has been an experienced beekeeper for 20+ years and is the founder of pages such as the Kamloops Beekeepers, whose aim is to provide useful resources for local new bee hobbyists. 

Murray currently manages 2 Beez Pleez hives, among several of his own! 

Beez Pleez honey bee hive 

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