Q. Where do you get your bees from?

We currently source all bees locally in the Okanagan, from a variety of experienced bee farms with years of expertise. We only source high-quality honey bees that can adapt the local climate quickly, and will thrive in the local environment. From there, we transport the local bees, by the hive to local bee farms which are run by local beekeepers, who maintain and operate the Beez Pleez hives year round.

Q. How do you contribute 20 bees per product?

We get asked this question quite frequently, and we want you to know... we do NOT send bees to our farms 20 at a time! (This would not be healthy for the bees) Rather, we keep rolling tallies, and we contribute the bees by the hive. We are always one hive ahead of the contributions needed to be donated, so we maintain a higher number of bees than necessary for the amount of products we have. At the moment, we contribute 20 honey bees per product, but in reality, this is just a minimum, and the real number is actually quite higher.

Q. Where do the contributed honey bees go? What is meant by local?

We currently have one partnered beekeeper located in Kamloops, BC. All contributed honey bees to this point have been split between two beekeepers in the area, which benefits the local Kamloops ecosystem, as bees foraging area extends 3km beyond their hive! In the future, we plan on partnering with numerous experienced beekeepers, so we can extend our reach, and make an impact globally!

Q. Can I choose where to send my 20 honey bees?

At this time, we only have two partnered bee farm in which all of our honey bees are housed. In the near future, we hope to open more locations around the globe, so that you may choose where to send your 20 honey bees!

Q. Are the candles made locally in Canada? What about the beeswax?

The candles are currently hand poured overseas, while we personally do the packaging, inspection, and shipping from Canada! The beeswax is sourced from a number of global locations which transport their beeswax to our manufacturer, where we can then provide 100% natural, paraffin free beeswax candles to consumers.

Becuase of the young age of Beez Pleez, we are currently teaming with global beeswax producers to source ONLY high-quality, food grade beeswax. It is all natural, pure beeswax that burns clean and oxidizes the air your breathe.

Q. Who are the current beekeepers you have partnered with and why were they selected? Can I become a partnered Beekeeper?

You can find the information for our current beekeepers HERE! They have been selected based on experience and passion for our cause. We are always looking to connect with anyone interested in our mission, and passionate about saving the bees!

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have an application process. We hope to introduce one for 2018! Stay tuned on the Beez Pleez Facebook page for further news.

Q. Are the beekeeping practices used by these farmers eco-friendly, bee-friendly?

The beekeeping practices used at all of our farms are both eco-friendly and bee-friendly. We truly care about these beautiful little creatures, and we would not allow them to be put in harm's way. Our farms all use sustainable practices, and chemicals are discouraged, as we try to use natural procedures (such as for mite checking), whenever possible. Our farm is much different than a commercial farm as well, as we care about maintaining the bee population rather than stimulating the bees to provide the most honey possible. Beez Pleez wants to support the bees at all costs!

Q. What impact will Beez Pleez have on the environment?

Beez Pleez has the ability to make a HUGE impact on the planet, not only in the number of honey bees contributed but also by changing the way honey bees are thought about. Currently, there is no way in which someone can make an impact on the honeybee population, other than by physical beekeeping because there is no exterior demand for honey bees. We want to change that. We want to change the thinking around honey bees to saying "there is a way I can help". With Beez Pleez, we provide a way for our customers to DIRECTLY impact the honey bee population, and we hope to create a new found demand for honey bees, and related products. In terms of numbers, we hope to add an additional 1,000,000 honey bees to the planet by the end of 2017 and look to increase that number moving into the future. We hope to eventually be able to look back and be proud of the efforts we put into saving the bees.

If you have a question not mentioned above, you can send an inquiry to Beezpleez@yahoo.com